Flavours, Sizing & Pricing..

All our cakes are made fresh to order using the finest ingredients, with generous layers of cake and filling, with all my 'iced' cakes having a super delicious layer of ganache underneath the icing.. 


Cake Flavour & Fillings List

 Vanilla Sponge: With Vanilla Butter cream & Strawberry Jam

 Lemon Sponge: With Vanilla Butter cream & Lemon Curd

Chocolate Sponge: With Chocolate Or Vanilla Butter cream

 Chocolate Sponge: With Chocolate Chips & Optional Baileys

 Chocolate Cake: With Peanut-Butter Butter Buttercream

 Chocolate Orange Cake: With Chocolate Orange Butter cream

 Red Velvet Cake: With Vanilla Butter cream & Optional Crushed Cookies Or Oreos

 Vanilla Cake: With White Chocolate Butter cream & Optional Crushed Cookies

Lavender Cake: With Vanilla Butter cream

 Coffee Cake: With Caramel Butter cream

 Coffee & Walnut Cake: With Cappuccino Butter cream

Carrot Cake: With Vanilla Butter cream

 Traditional Fruit Cake: With Sherry, Apricot Jam and Marzipan

 Light Fruit Sponge:, Apricot Jam and Vanilla Buttercream

 Banana Cake: With Toffee Butter cream

 Almond Sponge: With Apricot Or Black Cherry Jam & Vanilla Butter cream

 Coconut Sponge: With Passion fruit Coulis & Vanilla Buttercream



As every cake is unique in design/size, the final price will be determined by the style of the cake, the labour involved, the number of servings it provides and the ingredients/materials necessary to create it.

Here at Storyteller Cakes we are equally as happy to cater for the more simple/budget design as we are for the intricate and elaborate

Please use the prices below as a guide, but please note: they do not include the cost of any extra model work, decoration, fresh or sugar flowers etc:



(not including flowers and other modelling/decoration)

6"  from £95+

8"  from £125+

10"  from £175+

12" from £225+


2 Tiers from £225+

3 Tiers from £360+



 'Fondant Iced' Cakes:

Two Tiers from £275.00 - £450.00+

Three Tiers from £395.00 - £550.00+

Fours Tiers from £550.00 - £750.00+

Five Tiers from £900.00+

Single Tier, Naked/Semi-Naked & Buttercream Cakes:

(not including chocolate drips/flowers and other decoration)

6" from £75+
8" from £115+
10" from £145+
12" from £185+


Multi Tier, Naked/Semi-Naked & Buttercream Cakes:

(not including chocolate drips/flowers and other decoration)

2 Tiers from £215+
3 Tiers from £335+
4 Tiers from £485+
5 Tiers from £650+


Cupcakes From £3.50 - £5.00+

Wedding Flavours From £3.75+

Please note there are many other sizes/shapes available; please contact us for more information.


Cake Serving guide

Designed to help you work out the shapes and sizes you may need:

Wedding Portions are 1" x 2"

Party Portions are 2" x 2"


Cake Cutting Guide

Use this handy cutting guide to get optimum portions slices from your cake

(based on 1" x 2" portions) - you will need almost halve these amounts below for dessert size portions




For wedding cakes, we are able to offer free delivery within a 15-mile radius of Cheltenham, including the setting up of your cake at the venue. Any delivery outside this area can be quoted for on request.

You may if you prefer collect your wedding cake from us the day before your wedding but once it has left the premises we cannot be held liable for any damage that occurs.

Occasion cakes can be collected from my home in Cheltenham, but we can also deliver to the venue on request – please contact us to give you a quote for this service.

Cakes with fresh Flowers

If you prefer to have fresh flowers on your cake, we recommend for you to discuss and arrange any floral decorations for the cake with your florist first, and then we can liaise the finer details with them afterwards if necessary.

If your cake is to be decorated with fresh flowers you will also need to check toxicity – as some flowers are toxic. Your florist will be able to tell you which are suitable as decorations. We cannot be held liable for the misuse of flowers and any contamination that may arise on the wedding cakes.

Cake Stands Hire

Although many wedding venues will provide cake stands and knives, we have a range for you to hire for your wedding or celebration cake. There is a hire charge of £20.00 per item hired plus a refundable deposit of £60.00 per item, that will be returned to you when the hired item(s) are returned to us.

Stands and knives must be returned within 2-3 days after your Occasion/Event.

Payment Terms

To confirm and secure your celebration or wedding cake order, a non-refundable deposit of 30% is required on booking. The balance will be due approximately 4 weeks prior to your event, or other agreed terms by Storyteller Cakes.